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bolt-down aluminum anti-slip plates
Aluminum Bolt-Down Anti-Slip Plates
These prefabricated anti-slip plates are made of weatherproof aluminum and our coarse anti-slip adhesive tape. Our standard size: 4 1/2" x 25", thickness 1/16 inch. Bolts or screws are countersunk. Our standard color is black. If you'd like another color or you'd like to customize these, give us a call at 1-800-988-6721.

Coarse Conformable, Aluminum-backed Anti-Slip Tape
Aluminum-Backed, Conformable Coarse Anti-Slip Grip Tape
Ideal anti-slip (non-skid) floor grip tape for use on irregular surfaces and can be hammered into place. It's especially good for use on Diamond Plate. A mallet (not supplied) and the adhesive backing cause it to adhere to the contours of the surface. Standard size is 2" by 60' and the tape is our "coarse" grit size.
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