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Kanomax Climomaster 6501
Kanomax Climomaster 6501
The most accurate hot-wire anemometer of it's kind.
Kanomax Anemomaster
Kanomax Anemomaster 6036 Professional
Multi-function thermal anemometers from Kanomax.
Kanomax Anemomaster
Kanomax Anemomaster 6035 Standard
Multi-function thermal anemometer with straight probe.
Kanomax Dust Monitor
Kanomax Dust Monitors
Dust Monitors from Kanomax
Kanomax Particle Counter
Kanomax Particle Counters
Particle Counters from Kanomax
Kanomax Anemomaster LITE 6006
Kanomax Anemomaster LITE 6006
Compact and Lightweight Hotwire Anemometer.
Kanomax Anemomaster 6162 High Temperature
Kanomax Anemomaster 6162 High Temp.
High temperature and middle temperature Anemometers from Kanomax. Up to 930 degrees F!