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SolidStepCote DIY Anti-Slip Abrasive Floor Coating

A GREEN product, SolidStepCote is a water-based, non-toxic and crystal clear non slip coating product that is available in three unique, durable and affordable formulas that will enhance the beauty of any surface while protecting you, your family, employees and customers from slip and fall injuries even under wet or oily conditions. 8 oz. covers approx. 12 square feet (two normal bathtubs) using two coats (one coat may be appropriate for some in-home uses). 32 oz.=48 sq. ft.; one gallon=192 sq. ft.; five gallons=960 sq. ft. with two coats applied. Call 1(800)988-6721 for orders over 5 gallons. SSC 02 has the smallest grit size and a beautiful sheen for entryways and other areas where appearance is of great concern; SSC 03 has medium-sized grit and is ideal for bathtubs, pool decks and shower rooms; SSC 04 has the largest grit size and is best for commercial kitchens and industrial applications.

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SolidStep DIY abrasive anti-slip floor coating
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